Directory application cannot find entries from users.conf

Running Asterisk v13.1.0 on Ubuntu 16.04

I am using users.conf to generate all user accounts on the PBX. When I try to use the Directory() application in the dial plan, it cannot find any user auto-generated from users.conf.

If I manually add a users to voicemail.conf, the Directory application can find them.

How do I use the Directory() application to find users from users.conf?

The use of users.conf is discouraged. None of the development team places any focus on it. If you go that route, you’ll be forging your own path. Better to edit voicemail.conf directly.

Thanks for the reply. Would be nice to have a single place to auto “generate” users. As it stands, I will need to make separate entries for each user in sip.conf, voicemail.conf and extensions.conf.

You might also consider PJSIP in lieu of the older chan_sip, as chan_pjsip is actively developed, and chan_sip does not have a current maintainer.

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