Digium TE407P vs. TE405P - Worth the Extra $1,000.00?

I am lookintg at buying several Quad span T1 cards.

DIGIUM shows the TE405P for $1495.00 and

the TE407P for [color=red]$2495.00[/color]

I was wondering if foks are finding that the TE407P really brings[color=red] $1,000.00[/color] of additional value to the table for you.

If so, how, and in what areas ?

Thx in Advance

isn’t the big difference the Octasic on-board echo-can ? if so, and you get seemingly incurable echo on the cheaper card, you’ll happily pay $5000 to get rid of it.

quad-span … flat out, that’s some processing power needed to echo-can in software :smiley:

/goes off to upgrade his AFT-A200 !!!

was suprised to see only 1 repley,

I was thinking that either there would be a bunch of folks who had deplyed the more expsensice card, and would post to sing its praises.


A bunch of folks would post their real world deployment experience and say that the CHEAPER non DSP card had worked just fine for them.

Hmmmmm. what QUAD SPAN CARD are folks using ???

Sangoma A104D. Works well and Sangoma support, although seemingly harried, has been responsive when needed.

or experiences to share on the BEST T1 cards ?

Whether the DSP card is worth the extra $$$ ?

Any other recommendations ?