Digium PRI G200 doesn't work with providers that require inbound and outbound trunk with same username

I am trying to make a G200 work with Vitelity, but it’s not working.
Vitelity requires you to setup two SIP trunks. One to their inbound server, one to an outbound server, both trunks using the same username.

I can’t setup two SIP endpoints on the Digium with the same username and different destination host IP addresses (names).
Both endpoints will only assume one host IP address.

Example configs with each endpoint meant to send to a different host IP addresses:

Actual connection status with both assuming one destination IP address:

The problem is that the username is the same on both endpoints.
Is there no way to make this work?

As this is a Digium product you should use the technical support methods available. This forum is really for the Asterisk project itself, and not Digium products.