Digium phone park button


on digium phone , how do i program the park button to choose the right parking lot based on the context of which the call came in ?

anyone ?

um…there’s no way for the phone to know what context the call came into, only Asterisk knows that, but it doesn’t relate that information to any phone. The Park button is programmed to send the call to one and one destination only as defined by the parking_exten option.

If you wanted to do that sort of thing, you could write your own application using the phones API (phones.digium.com). Record the context on the server side, and push that information to the phone whenever you’re calling the phone, then have your App’s softkey send the call to wherever you like.

malcomd - thanks for the answer

when i spoke to support about something else i asked this too and they said that perhaps it can be done in the dial plan ?

You can’t make the softkey dial a different number, it’s always going to execute a transfer (blind by default) to that target extension that you define.

What you do with the call from that point on is your deal. I don’t want to speculate about it because I don’t want to be on the hook for building and supporting your dialplan. :wink:

i understand that :smile:

let me bang my head around this and see if i can figure it out


Good luck