Digium Phone: Headset- and speaker-key don't dial a contact's number

Tried on both D40 and D60: After chosing a contact, the headset- or speaker-key clear the display rather than call the number.

After dialing a number manually, the two keys work as expected and initiate a call. Might it be a configuration issue?

Not really…

If you pres the Dial softkey from within the Contacts application, the dial will occur for that contact’s number using the speakerphone. If the handset is up, it’ll occur using the handset. If you set your call answering preferences to prefer headset, then it’ll occur using the headset.

Thanks very much Malcolm!
I understand the behaviour of the dial-softkey is consistent.

Not so the headset and speaker keys. While they initiate a call immediately on a typed in number, they do not on a chosen contact.

There, instead of dialing the contact’s number and sending it straight to the headset or the speaker respectively they clear the screen, forcing one to start over.

Do you think that could be changed in config or is it more likely to be determined in the phones’s firmware?

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Negative, it’s not a config-controlled behavior. It seems like precious little gain, functionality wise, given the behavior I outlined before w.r.t. the prefer headset option, for headsets, and simply pressing the dial soft key, to achieve speakerphone, compared to the edge cases that’d have to be cleaned up. If one is already on a call, you’d have to decide what to do if someone pressed the speakerphone or headset key (does it put the existing person on hold, or does it hang them up?). Right now, moving those keys around, even while the contacts app is in the foreground, provides audio path control. If we were to allow this, it wouldn’t, or if it did, it’d be vastly more complicated.

The green “Dial” button that we have is the best way to deal with things.

I get your point Malcolm! We do POS software and therefore suffer much from button logic as well.

We still run some “CTU-phones” (Jack Bauer Ciscos with the CTU-ringtone, I take it you are of appropriate age;). Those treat the audio path keys a bit like a reversed hook: Press to call, press again to hang up.

The nature of the task dawns on me though. I imagine the screen and the apps to be running independently, hence hook and audio path keys are unaware of their condition and cannot act accordingly. Changing that would be a.p.i.t.n (I just made that up)


Hah, I hadn’t thought about Cisco phones in years. That ringtone, especially the standard one, used to be burned into my brain.

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Here’s my favorite ringtone: