Digium G200 prepends "±" to CallerID

Is anybody familiar with Digium PRI gateways (G200)?

My two Asterisk boxes communicate with each other via that gateway, with each one connecting to it via a SIP trunk.
Now when I call from one PBX to the other, the Digium prepends a “±” in front of the CallerID.
I see that in the debug of the gateway.
On my phone the CID looks like “?John 4132”.

This invalid character causes all sorts of problems on the other end.

Not sure where to start looking for the fix.
Anybody has ever seen this?



A plus character? Or the plus with the line underneath it?


In Digium debug it loks like this:
plus minus character

DEBUG[15049]: chan_sip.c:8695 in parse_request: Header 3 [ 57]: From: “±±Martin

In Asterisk SIP debug like this:

<— SIP read from UDP: —>
SIP/2.0 487 Request Terminated
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK059d541d;rport
From: “▒Martinsip:4273@;tag=as077863f0

That’s quite bizarre. You should contact Support (www.digium.com/support) so that they can have a look at your rules to determine if it’s something that’s being added, or something that the gateway’s receiving and just forwarding along.

Unfortunately my gateways our out of warranty, so Digium is not willing to assist me on this.

Indeed the issue is quite bizarre.
It is only happening when a call comes in on the gateway on a SIP trunk and goes out another SIP trunk.
Things are fine when a call goes through the PRI on the gateway. Internal calls among extensions on my PBXs are fine too.
So I am pretty sure the G200 is the culprit here.

I hope Digium is putting effort into improving these devices. As much as I like to support their commercial products, because they are bringing us this great Asterisk PBX, I have to say that their PRI gateways definitely need some attention.
The GUI is really slow to configure, reloads take a long time. I once had a firmware upgrade turn my gateway into a brick. I had an erratic failure of ISDN channels until I turned Idle Bearer Reset off, etc.

Anyhow, Digium, I like you, so keep it going!

Hello Avayax,

My name is Nathan Donovan, I’m a manager with Digium Support. First let me say thanks for the kind words and we like you too! Please contact me directly at 858-537-1123 or ndonovan@digium.com so I can get you in touch with a technician so we can investigate this issue.

Hope to hear from you soon!