Digium DPMA: hide_completed_elsewhere option needed (advanced DPMA configuration)

Asterisk 13.22.0
Digium phones config
Digium D65 2.7.2

I want to set up an Asterisk-Server with Digium-D65 phones. It will be used in a small company with 6-10 extensions. If somebody calls the main number, several extensions in a ringgroup will ring (ringall-strategy).
My problem:
If the call gets answered by extension xy, I see a missed call on the other Digium D65.
I created a xml-config-file for the Digium D65 with the setting ‘hide_completed_elsewhere=1’ and it worked. The Digium D65 listed a missed call only if nobody in the ringgroup answered it. However, I dont know all required xml parameters to completely configure the Digium D phone.

Is there a way to add hide_completed_elsewhere=yes to e.g. the res_digium_phone_additional.conf file (DPMA freePBX)? Can it be done by editing any other Asterisk config file?
In the phones-edit-webgui (DPMA-freePBX) there is no hide_completed_elsewhere setting.


  1. No. The config parser that DPMA has doesn’t understand the hide_completed_elsewhere configuration parameter. In order to get DPMA out of the business of being a config parser, I wrote this:
  2. No, and I don’t think that res_digium_phone_additional.conf is actually picked up by DPMA. It’s not included in res_digium_phone.conf on my system.

Using that advanced config method isn’t compatible with the Digium Phones Config (Add-On) for FreePBX - which wasn’t written with it in mind.

Getting to your desired system doesn’t have a straightforward path. Either you use EPM w/ the DPMA option and create your own config file for the phone using the Advanced wiki page from above, or you write your own DPMA configs by hand (not using the Add-On for FreePBX) and use the Advanced method where you make your own config files.

Thanks Malcolm!
Unfortunately the current version (including etch) of EPM does not work with Digium D phones.
There is a problem with the Sangoma phone apps. It says “module not registered” when using a Digium. I ended up with neither apps from Sangoma nor from Digium. Tried for hours :wink: In addition, I wasnt able to add any line to the basic-file-edit of EPM. I could just change values of settings which were already listed.

If there is no way to get hide-completed-elsewhere with EPM or DPMA I will try to use the advanced method. …but I am not optimistic :wink:

res_Digium_additional.conf is included in the res_Digium_phone.config in freePBX. What is the syntax?

By the way…the D65 is a well-designed phone…I like it :slight_smile:

Maybe you’re looking at a different version than the one I’m looking at. res_digium_phone.conf, on the one I’m reading, has:

#include res_digium_phone_general.conf
#include res_digium_phone_devices.conf
#include res_digium_phone_network.conf

and none of those files, for me, goes on to include res_digium_phone_additional.conf.

Thats mine


#include res_digium_phone_general.conf

#include res_digium_phone_devices.conf

#include res_digium_phone_applications.conf

#include res_digium_phone_additional.conf

#include res_digium_phone_firmware.conf

In that case, you might be able to make type=phone definitions for the items you’re interested in, specifying the config= option for them, and having that written .cfg file in the file_path. DPMA might see that and ignore any other config settings that you specify for a phone…or things might blow up spectacularly. Using a config= file and other settings options simultaneously isn’t something that was planned for. Once you can specify your own config file, you don’t need to use the DPMA’s built-in parser.

I tried


…didnt work…

Right, it won’t. DPMA doesn’t have a config handler for hide_completed_elsewhere. It doesn’t know how to turn that into the phone’s actual config.

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Thanks a lot Malcolm! Your advanced-dpma-configuration link (see above) was THE SOLUTION! I was able to configure my Digium D65 using the DPMA-Digium-phone-module in freePBX 14 in combination with my own xml-config-file (etc/asterisk/digium_phones).
This phone is awesome…one can configure EVERY little feature and button!

The current version of the Endpointmanager in freePBX 14 is not compatible with newer firmware versions of the Digium D65. Tested 2.7.2 back to 2.6.6. Every time I got phone apps (Sangoma) not licensed. Firmware did show the phone apps, but there were other issues with the EPM (could not add additional settings in base file edit), which make it rather unusable.
In freePBX 14 one has to deactivate the Endpointmanager and the Sangoma phone-apps-module and activate the digium-phone-config-module.
Deactivate the “easy mode” and edit the res_digium_phone_additional.conf in etc/asterisk using a ftp-client (freePBX edit-config-module does not work)

full_name=Viktor Orban

CLI: module reload res_digium_phone.so

The phone picks up the xml-config file in etc/asterisk/digium_phones using the standard DPMA proxy in freePBX.
All the Digium phone apps work, despite using my own xml-config file and it doesnt get overwritten by freePBX! huepfend_2