Digium card - IRQ conflits


I realized it’s quite impossible with my server to have a digium card into a single not shared IRQ, I decided to use IOAPIC, but I get these warning when I load the card driver :
“IRQF_DISABLED is not guaranteed on shared IRQs”

When I run the dahdi_test here are the results :
Opened pseudo dahdi interface, measuring accuracy…
99.609% 99.607% 99.414% 99.593% 99.415% 99.624% 99.609% 99.415%
99.609% 99.415% 99.609% 99.609% 99.415% 99.609% 99.415% 99.609%
99.608% ^C
— Results after 17 passes —
Best: 99.624 – Worst: 99.414 – Average: 99.540170, Difference: 99.953201

according to what I read (asteriskguru.com/tutorials/p … noise.html), “According to Digium, if all your results are 99.98% or higher you wont have problems.”, is this information still correct ?

My server is a 1U form and I can’t move the card to another slot to get a other IRQ…

Is there a server you recommand with a TE410P card ? A server where we could get the card into a single IRQ, not shared ?


Stéphane HENRY

What else is using the IRQ in question? If it is something like an unused USB controller or serial port then perhaps you can disable that in the BIOS?

it is ethernet controlers (eth devices), I can’t disable them.
I also noticed some dropped packets on the ethernet interface, could it be related ?

Thanks !