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Hello, new to the forums and new to *.

I am going to setup an * system and the location will have a T1 line providing Voice/Data. We will only have 6 voice lines at first (the rest will be data), though we may expand the voice lines and then add on a second data line down the road.

I need to decide whether to buy an analog interface card like the TDM2400P or digital card like the TE110P.

Price goes to the digital card, though its not too much of a difference in initial investment.

Ease of initial testing and setup would favor the analog card (if only because I don’t need to take the whole T1 down to test out my system, but it seems for more reasons than simply that from my research).

Also, having the * system as another fault point for my data line is undesirable (though I would simply be replacing the phone company provided channel bank thingy which is already a single point of failure).

Expandability seems to be a tie. With the digital card I’m already set to go all the way up to 24 lines with the single card, something that would cost a lot with the analog card. However, the analog card has the expandable echo cancelation which is not a possibility with the single T1 digital card.

I may choose to have an analog card anyways to connect up a analog fax to an FXS port, but otherwise am not interested in using old analog phones for the office (maybe about 15 - 20 IP/soft phones initially).

What am I wrong about here, or what else am I missing (I’m sure there’s a lot)?