Digital Assistant isn't allowing caller to push button

I’m a newbie with a problem. I can make calls and receive calls. Upon setting up the digital assistant it will not allow any input for the menu I’ve created, 1 for extention. So when the caller hits 1 nothing happens…it repeats the message then hangs up. I have no clue, any help would be appreciated.

Is this through analog, digital interface card or VoIP?

I’m using VOIP service (Broadvoice). I did get it working thanks for the reply. But I have another question. I am using x-lite for a remote extension, I am able to get it to register and make a call. Unfortunately I can not hear anything on both ends.

Is the xlite phone on the same lan as the server ? If not is the server behind NAT ? Also it may just be a simple configuration issue in xlite.

The xlite is outside of the lan. Server is behind a NAT. I have ports 5000-5086 open upd 10000-20000 upd. I put the nat=yes in the sip.config. Im stumped.