Differenciate between fxsls, fxsks and fxsgs

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Someone can differenciate between fxsls, fxsks and fxsgs for me

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fxsls- is for loop start signalling. Loop start is where a telecom system trys to complete it’s circuit by returning to itself through the telephone device. When the circuit is completed, dial tone starts. Usually used for phone sets.

fxsgs- is for ground start signalling. Ground start is where the telecom system is attempting to detect a connection to ground (earth) at the distant end. When ground (earth) is detected, dial tone starts. Can be used for phone sets or trunk signalling.

fxsks- is for kewlstart. It operates very similar to loop start, however it also provides disconnect notifications by temporarily dropping the loop to a phone set when the far end of a call has hung up.