Difference incoming_call_offer_pref vs codec_prefs_incoming_offer

Hi, I wonder what the difference is between the endpoint settings

  • incoming_call_offer_pref
  • outgoing_call_offer_pref

vs the four settings

  • codec_prefs_incoming_offer
  • codec_prefs_outgoing_offer
  • codec_prefs_incoming_answer
  • codec_prefs_outgoing_answer

As described in


After reading the docs it seems to me as it does the same but I am sure I missed some point.
The old proposal in Advanced Codec Negotiation (ACN), part of Asterisk 18 projects (sorry, I can only post 2 links) suggests 4 settings (which would correlate to the codec_prefs_* settings, but the names would rather fit xxx_call_offer_pref naming.

I am really confused.
Best regards

If I recall correctly, the two options are legacy from initial development that got released and things were further refined and expanded to the 4 options.

Thank you for your answer Joshua !

I wonder if the new settings are implemented already?
I cannot see any logic in the source code, only in the configuration.

Some of the given options work, others do not. I don’t recall the specifics.

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