Difference between the real Digium cards, and the clones

I ahve bought one of those cheapy cards off Ebay,only to find that my machine ends up locking up. Reading around the 'Net I have come to the conclusion that the APIC on my Compaq server is causing me my grief.

Now I am prepared to go and buy a genuine Digium card, the TDM400P to be exact, with one FXO module for interfacing to my BT line here in the UK.

The other thing in favour of the genuine card is that the BT flavour of caller ID has been added to the zaptel drivers.

What I am asking is are the genuine cards better or not?



THere are fake?

I tried one of the ebay cards on a work server and had lots of echo so switched to 2 tdm400 with 8 modules on.

No problems after that.


personally i prefer the Sangoma A200 cards for UK POTS installs. installation and config is easy, no issues when going > 4 ports, echo can is 200GBP, nice cards that make the most of the “BT way”

but the Digium cards are OK too, as long as you get the right mainboard, load the wctdm modules with UK options, and set CallerID up for UK (wiki and digium docs are helpful)

the clones ? wrong impedance, so noisy and echo-ridden. ok to prove the concept though.