Difference between "secret=" and "password=&q

I have RTFM, the book and Googled…

Some documentation for sip.conf uses the parameter:

password = xyz

while another documentation uses:

secret = xyz

Are those interchangeable?, is one of them preferred? has one superseded the other?



I’ve believe that secret and password are basically the difference between incoming and outgoing registrations.

If your Asterisk box is going to accept registrations from a client (phone or softphone) then you would use the secret= to set the password that the Asterisk box will RECEIVE from a client.

If your Asterisk box is going to initiate registration of a SIP channel with another system, then the password= would be the password that Asterisk will SEND to the distant system.

They both end up in sip.conf, so they will be mentioned in the same place in the documentation. I agree with you though… what documentation does exist, doesn’t make the usage very clear.

Well, I ran some experiments and the conclusion is this:

In the sip.conf file, the line:

secret = xyz

Does NOT work at all, even though this is the line used in the O’Reilly book.

The only way for my SIP prones to achieve registration is by using the line:

password = xyz


Strange, on my Asterisk 1.2/CVS HEAD I only use ‘secret’ through out for incoming and outcoming connections and it all seems to work.