Difference between ConfBridge and Bridge

As much as i know about Bridge application (in features.c) it uses masquerading to clone a channel’s state to a new channel in current thread for bridging two channels.
so can anyone please tell me how ConfBridge is different from Bridge and does it also uses masquerading and if it does then is it the same process as it is in case of Bridge?

When you introduce masquerading, this becomes a developer question and out of the scope of a forum.

However, Bridge is a simple application that will do little more than set up parameters then masquerade, to the same code used to bridge in Dial, whereas ConfBridge uses a different underlying bridge implementation that can mix multiple audio streams, and also provided various functions for controlling that bridge.

Bridge takes another channel whereas ConfBridge only deals with the channel that it is adding to the bridge. Neither of them directly invokes masquerading, although Bridge would need it, as the other channel may be doing something already.

Bridge would be used in certain more complex dialplan operations, whereas ConfBridge would be used when you wanted a conference.

thanks a lot David, i’ll keep in mind the thing about the developers related question.