DID Configuration

Hi everybody,

i cannot config my asterisk box to work with voxbone.
I was follow the instrutions into the voxbone site.

But, it doesnt work. When i try to dial via pstn to the DID voxbone i receive a message, wasnt possible to complete your call.

In my asterisk box, i have exten like this:


exten => 1234567890,1,Dial(SIP/john)

if i try to call via sip (ATA or x-lite) to the extension i cant. so if i comment the line [voxbone-in] i can call to extension 123456789.

what is wrong?

thank you

That’s not really enough information.

However, you should start by reading this book:

voip-info.org/wiki/view/Aste … +Telephony

You can download it for free.

And have a look through the documentation on this wiki:


There’s information there about configuring Asterisk to work with specific phones and specific ITSPs, among other things. It’s the main place you’ll find Asterisk documentation.

If you still have a problem, post a message here explaining it clearly and in reasonable detail, and saying what you’ve done to try and fix the problem.