Dialplan reload - enable debug for details


I’ve had the problem for a few days that it no longer shows me all entries in extensions.conf with “dialplan reload”. (Asterisk certified/13.21-cert6)
The message “-- pbx_config successfully loaded 22 contexts (enable debug for details)” appears.

I assume it arose from an accidental “dialplan reload o”.

How can I re-enable “enable debug for details”?

Thanks for the help.


I’ve already tried a few things. Find however no option with which debug for dialplan reload can be activated.
Does nobody have an idea?

what about enabling debug / trace within asterisk.conf ?

Did they include cranking up debug and verbose in the CLI?

Can you post a snippet of the console output (not a picture, not a re-type, wrapped in preformatted text tags) showing what you got?

Can you expand on what you expect?

Whilst I’m pretty sure that this is a misunderstanding of what should happen, and, in particular noting that file timestamps are checked before a reload, so a file unchanged since last successfully loaded will be skipped, I’d also point out that Asterisk 13 is three months beyond end of life and hasn’t had non-security fixes for 15 months. Also certified versions are only intended for people with Sangoma support contracts, which only cover part of the functionality and, I think, work on the basis that the bugs in the version are well known to the support staff. You should not use certified versions if you are relying on community support.

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