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We are a system administrator company with cca 40 clients / 700 users and we’d like to upgrade our Asterisk as a follow: Every client has a key account pair, so if any user (we have all the users phone number) call our central number, automatically should call one of our colleague, if the key account pair is not available, than every one else. My instinct suggest that this amount of user should be put into a database and set up the the each call groups.

Can you recommend us any howto - description how we start to build this kind of solution?

Thank you for your help.

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‘Dialplan from database’ sounds like ‘realtime’ which is not needed for this task.

I’d store the key, account, and colleague in a (MySQL?) database.

Some would say to use the dialplan database functions, I’d say write an AGI in a language you are comfortable with.

The basic flow would be to read the colleague(s) from the database using the key and account. If no key/account, read the colleague(s) currently on call from the database.

In either case, set the list of colleagues separated by ampersand to a channel variable and exit.

In your dialplan, dial the value of the channel variable and Robert’s your father’s brother.

Could be done via an #exec directive. This could run a script that loads information from your database and formats it to match the Asterisk config file syntax.

The nice thing is, this will work in most of the config files.

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