Dialplan for outbound calls with pause

I need some help to craft a dialplan for my asterisk that can perform the following task when a user picks up the handset and dial 011x. on one of my asterisk extensions:
[ul][li]Dial a gateway access number, i.e. 1+AreaCode+Numbers.[/li]
[li]Wait for an announcement to prompt to enter a key. Then send a DTMF 9 tone.[/li]
[li]Wait for 1 second.[/li]
[li]Send the dialed number to complete the call with a # key.[/li][/ul]
Can anyone please help?

If you need a .5 second pause while dialing a number you can insert a w in the appropriate place. for more pause time insert w s

Godson Gera
Asterisk Consultant India

I have found the solution a couple of days since my post above. Anyway, many thanks for your belated response.