Dialplan: Detect User Hangup and log to file


I need to be able to detect if a user hangs up in a dial plan, and log the event to a custom log file.

Some background:

Using asterisk to verify customers. Initiating call from asterisk to call a customer, have them record a file saying “i john doe agree to TOS”, then it reads them a 5 digit number to input into a webpage to complete their order.

I need to detect if the user hangs up in the Dialplan before the call is completed and log the event.

Thanks in advance

This would be impossible for calls to UK landlines. For calls to UK mobiles, and in other environments that implement called party clearing, you should be able to use the h extension.

It is fairly common policy, and standard in the UK, not to honour hangups from called landlines until they have persisted for several minutes. The reason for this is that when calling someone with several phones on one line, it allows them to hangup one phone and continue the call on a more appropriate one.