Dialing options (Ttr) in callfile

I’m using a script to generate callfiles in the form of

WaitTime: 10 Context: Direktwahl Extension: 1 Priority: 1 MaxRetries: 3 RetryTime: 20 Set: Rufnummer=0123456789 Channel: SIP/19
and in extensions.conf:

[Direktwahl] exten => 1,1,NoOp(Debug: ${Rufnummer}) exten => 1,n,Macro(dialout,${Rufnummer}) exten => 1,n,Hangup()

What I need now is to add the dialing options “Ttr” to the dialing-action that calls the sip phone (!) from the callfile (!) on extension 19 in the example above. Similar to what would happen if I dialed 19 from extensions.conf with Dial(SIP/19,60,tTr)
What do I have to change in the callfile to achieve this?