Dialing in to old CCM

This isn’t so much an Asterisk question as it is a CCM question, but I’ve been beating my head trying to figure this out.

I have an old CCM server (running v3.3) that I am in the process of migrating over to Asterisk. I have no problems dialing from extensions in CCM to extensions in Asterisk using H323. I have not been able to dial from an asterisk extension to CCM. I have tried using H323 and SIP both with no luck.

My setup is two CCM servers ( and .5) and a VOIP router. I get calls fine from via H323, but I can’t dial an extension on it with either H323 or SIP, it appears the services aren’t running on the machine or are on a non standard port (asterisk just keeps trying to send invites with no response). If I dial the VOIP router from asterisk I can make outbound calls, but not calls to extensions on the CCM servers. When I dial the VOIP router it tells me the extension is not found.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I can post configurations if needed.