Dialing between internal users!

Hi all.

I was reading Future of telephony (2nd edition), since i am new to asterisk, i decided to go with asterisk 1.4, to get a feel of how things work. I will get hold of new OReilly book to start working on asterisk 1.6/1.8. But for now pls guide me in this.

What i have seen in the chapter basic dial plan, the author created 2 exten for calling between 2 users

Suppose i have 100 users in my environment, and i want to allow any to any dialing between them (which is common), what shall be my dial plan in this case ? Supposing that the extensions are 1001-1999.

Kindly guide me


You’ll use dialplan pattern matching, in that case, e.g.:

exten => _1XXX,1,Dial(technology/device,options)


Your pattern to match then is 1 followed by four digits from 0-9.