Dialer from outside our network to check status of our asterisk

We would like to add external check by setting up some soft of switch outside our network to do below. Idea is that we get alarm when route is not working before customer tells us.

Below check needs to be done ideally ever 30 seconds

Requirement 1 :

dialer calls one of our test numbers, exchanges INVITE,100 trying,180/183,200 OK - Successful call, no alarm
IF however call was not successful then dialer should raise alarm and send email to support email.


Requirement 2 :

In this case we also want to detect if there is audio both ways on call. if successful do nothing, if failed raise alarm with result.

1 : No audio both ways
2 : Audio from A party to B party not working
3 : Audio from B party to A party not working

Requirement 1 is more important then 2nd one.

If something similar is not out there in market then we may need to spend time to custom built this. Our idea was to have asterisk in digital ocean installed with mail client.

Appreciate your help and feedback.

You can use something like SIPp to do your testing, In fact the Asterisk Test Suite uses Sipp.