Dialed Extensions Routing Incorrectly


I am running Trixbox on CentOS, and have recently run into an issue where the extension that the caller dials instead is routed to a certain extension (110). This can become very annoying because the person at 110 receives calls not intended for him, and other people are missing calls intended for them. Has anyone seen this issue before? Any ideas? Help is much appreciated for this issue that I have been struggling with.


Hi You need to find out what is setup and what features are enabled on the set, The can ONLY go where its programed or set to go. You just need to work out why its not going where expected.

You need to look at the CLI output of a call and see what its doing, which normally is easy but with trix its a bit messy to see actually whats happening


So how would I go about getting this output then for Trixbox? Is it possible?

Try the TrixBox Forums :wink: