Dial voicemail doesn't work with follow me enabled

If you use the contacts option “dial voicemail” with DPMA enabled for a regular extension (no follow me defined), it works well. You will go straight to voice mail as expected.

However, if that extension has “follow me” enabled and is the primary extension (ringallv2-prim, ringallv2) is what I tried, it will just ring all extensions and not go to voicemail.

I did some more analysis of that and it looks like very early in the dial plan the follow me macros get executed and will not check for either the new X-Digium-Call-Feature header nor the DIVERSION header. I am not an expert in dial plans, but I would say this stuff is only check in macro-ext-vm, but this gets never executed when you are the primary extension of a follow me setting.

Is this intended behaviour or do I miss anything?

I should mention, that I am running AsteriskNow 3, fully patched with Asterisk 11. DPMA is version 2 and firmware 1.4.1.

Thank you,



There’s nothing wrong with the phone, it’s an artifact of the many ways you can configure FreePBX and a point at which the Digium Phones Addon for FreePBX doesn’t handle something that FreePBX can be configured to do.

Are the follow-me dialplan macros built by FreePBX editable so that you can watch for the custom headers?