Dial returns exited non-zero on when hangup on pstn side E1

I?m rephrasing my previous post, given my new findings.

I get a call from pstn via an E1, then dial into a Voip extension.

If the extension hangs up, the next line of the dial gets executed,

If the zap - E1 side hangs up, the next line doesn?t, dial returns exited non-zero.

exten =>_X.,1,Answer
exten =>_X.,2,Dial(Zap/g1/${EXTEN},tTrhH)
;exten =>_X.,3,wait,5

exten =>_X.,3,system(/bin/echo -e “’${DIALEDTIME},${ANSWEREDTIME},${TIMESTAMP},${CALLERID},${EXTEN},${CHANNEL}’” >> /home/mque/E1/list_calls)
exten =>_X.,4,Congestion

so line 3 not allways get?s executed, only when the VoIP party hangs up first.