Dial out through gateway

Hello everyone,

I have a system with spa3000 and asterisk 11.1.0-rc1. My system is working without problem but I have some deficiencies. I have not defined any trunk to asterisk. Instead of that, gateway and asterisk have the same user defined to provide communication between inside and outside(eg. pstn). My problem is that I am getting calls from outside but I am not able to dial out. How can I go through the gateway to call outside i.e pstn?

Thanks in advance

If you are using type=peer (or type=friend), you should be able to call in and out.

I think you will also need to do some tweaking on the SPA3000. A quick google search shows a ton of topics on this subject. These are just 2 examples:

voip-forum.tmcnet.com/forum/foru … =1707&PN=1