Dial command question


I want to setup in my dialplan if someone dials the following number,

01155x xxx xxxx

to use sip trunk1, and then dial a local number (1nnn xxx xxxx) , when the call is answered I get a voice prompt asking me to enter the destination number, then I have to prepend 00 and then send the dialed number (55x xxx xxxx), without the 011 .

What should be the Dial command to get this accomplished?

Has any one played with these parameters?

Any help will be appreciated.


Juan A Seuc

Dial command has the option:

D([digits]) Send DTMF digit string after called party has answered but before the bridge. (w=500ms sec pause). Useful for automatically entering pin codes or to make 2 stage dialing appear as one stage dialing.

This type of application is known as two-stage dialing