Dial() application and specifying Technology

Hi all,

I’m in the process of writing a config utility for my company and I have run into a problem that I was hoping I get could some feedback on.

The problem stems from having to specify a technology when using the Dial() application. For instance:


Because I must specify the technology (which could very likely be different for each ext.: IAX, Sip, etc) along with the extension number it creates I problem, I think, with using a Macro to dial. I think a Macro would be better than listing each and every extension. Even with a macro, the technology type must be used (Sip/111 or IAX/112, etc).

Because of this, it seems that I must either

  1. List each possible exntension as an exten=> line.
  2. Use an AGI script to pull the required info from either astdb or other datastore in real time.

Am I missing something?

Is there a better way to do this?

Thanks for your input,


why not add a field in your config utility, when setting up the routing rule for a particular extension, that allows you to select the technology…

so when you set up extension 101, you’d specify that it’s extension 101, that the technology is SIP, and the device is operator

the resulting line in extensions.conf would be similar to this:

exten => 101,1,Macro(stdexten,SIP/operator,15)

then, if you move a device from IAX to SIP (or whatever, SCCP, for instance) you just change the technology setting for that extension entry.

do you see where i’m going with this? that makes logical sense to me, and would only require one additional variable to parse/store.

Thanks for replying, wes.

Wouldn’t that still require hard coding of the string for that/those extension/s?

Or maybe I’m not understanding you…


well, it WOULD require hard coding, but i was thinking that your config utility could be modified so that the option to specify the technology is there.

i don’t think there is any other way around it, unfortunately…

…UNLESS you could do something like this:

exten => 101,1,Dial(SIP/device&IAX/device)

in other words, then you would be able to define the device alone, without specifying the technology…however, my guess is that this would kill the Dial command and NO calls would go through.

i think i didn’t read your initial post closely enough…what i had suggested before was basically the same as your #2 option. sorry bout that.

That’s alright. Thanks for the help anyway, wes.

In the end, I think I’m going to just put most of the logic in one or more AGI’s written in C#/mono.

Thanks again,