Deviceanduser setting: behavior question

I have setup Asterisk for adhoc users (deviceanduser). One of the strange things that I’m noticing is that if I plug in a new phone it will register and also login in it’s default user. However, if the default user logs out of the phone and someone else logs into it, if I unplug the phone and take it to another location and plug it in, the phone will reregister but the user is not the default user but the second user who had logged in. Is this behavior correct? I was expecting that if the phone reregistered that the user would once again be the default user.

the phone is going to have to re-register periodically anyway … you don’t want it changing every hour do you ?

and this isn’t any kind of Asterisk default … are you using a third-party distro or GUI ? … FreePBX ? if so, and you don’t get the answer you want here, perhaps you could ask the developers of the system you’re using.