Device & User report

I have a sit that is using Device and User in Freepbx version 2.10, Asterisk 1.8. They have been using it for about a year now and for the most part it is working well. Except, when they login and forget to logout and login somewhere else. Is there a way I can query the system to see which users are logged into which devices? 2nd question, is there a way to indicate on the phone (Yealink T26) which user is logged into that phone. That would be awesome if I could do that.

Thanks for any ideas

I assume FreePBX is using AgentLogin type agents. If not, you need to ask your question on http// If it is, get a CLI prompt and type “help agent”.

Showing the agent name would involve knowing details of how FreePBX handles agent logins, so you should use the link above. Almost certainly you would need to hack the action FreePBX code. However, in principle it can be done by requesting agent number before calling AgentLogin, and using the connected line update capabilities of Asterisk to update the phone.

Thanks David for the reply, I will ask over there. Maybe mistakenly I thought Device and User Mode was an Asterisk not a Freepbx feature.