Demande d'information

je peux savoir comment faire un appel a un group des numero des telephones pour ecoute un message vocale sur mon serveur asterisk :question:

Please explain your requirement in more detail. As I currently understand it, it sounds like telephone spamming, and I doubt anyone will help you do that.

Also, nearly every article here is a request for information!

je veux realize un serivce qui me permet d’appel un group de numero telephonic pour écoute un message vocale ( message deja enregistre dans mon serveur ) et les numero sont selection par defaut de mon base des données qui contient un ensemble des numero fix et mobile

being a decent french speaker, I cant even understand what you try to say… could you phrase it correctly in english, as it is the language of this board. Alternatively, you can go to: for french support

I need a serivce that allows me to call a number of telephonic group listening to a voice message (message already stored in my server) and the number is the default selection in my database that contains a set number of mobile