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It is difficult to work out the exact exchange you are describing, but:

  1. 401 is not an error. It only becomes an error if the recipient doesn’t know how to authenticate.

  2. a normal attended transfer involves both a refer/replaces and an invite replaces. The former is sent to one party, when then sends the latter to the third party. Normally, if Asterisk represents both parties, you don’t see the invite/replaces, because it is replaced by an internal manipulation.

I suspect that the new leg has bypassed Asterisk, in which case you may need to enable domain processing in Asterisk.

Awesome, thanks David

I have a lot to learn obviously , but this sounds like very good information to be heading me in the right direction. Hard thing when you tackle something new, there are so many possible tracks to take, you can spend a week trying all the wrong ones :cry:

So can I please clarify ( before I go back to the developers). What is used / passed as the authentication? Is this the username / secret that can be defined on the incoming portion of the SIP trunk , or something else?

Sorry to ask… they may know themselves, but I am trying to get as much info together before going back to them.

I would love to get this all working on Asterisk as a development platform for myself and then provide the information to others on how to do it.

Really appreciate your time.

Maybe just ignore me for now… I’m probably so far off from understanding it’s not worth trying to help me yet.

I think I just realized that the external box is working as a proxy server. I thought the agents were separate, but I’m now thinking my agents also need to be configured on Asterisk. ( which they were not). The authentication probably therefore comes directly from the Agent sip softphone which is connected via the proxy and that is doing the transfer.

I need to get rid of my old school thinking of how things would be working . ( Wires, relays, crossbars… rotary switches etc :unamused: )

Thanks for the help :smile:

Deleted content Never mind… not going to carry on.