Deleted profile, IP still assigned to MAC Address

Alright, I’m going to admit it, I’m a noob when it comes to asterisk. I’ve been thrown into this position with little to no training and I sure could use some help.

I’m currently on version 5.211.65-16, using Freepbx, as I’m not proficient enough to use the CLI.

Here is my problem. I tried to add a phone today through freepbx. While configuring the new device, another phone went down in the office. The phone that went down looked like it was up but in the bottom right of the polycom phone I had an error message, “network link down”. I deleted the profile and rebuilt, no change. I then rebooted the switch and it came back up.

Now I’m back to trying to get my new phone up but it’s stuck in the boot process and can’t connect to the server. When I go into the endpoint manager in freepbx and list the devices, it has the mac address of the phone associated with an IP address that I don’t recognize, but it’s in the correct vlan. I deleted the profile in freepbx, but In the CLI, I’m still seeing the mac address assigned to an IP. I can’t seem to release it. Or maybe when I assigned the mac address to an extension, I assigned it to the wrong device and now I can’t remove it.

I hope this makes sense and I would greatly appreciate ANY advise. Please help.


Asterisk doesn’t care about MAC addresses. It leaves that to the OS. If FreePBX is providing this information, you need to talk to the FreePBX people.

The most common cause of IP address clashes is mismanagement of the corporate DHCP server, or people configuring machines with static IP addresses in ranges reserved for dynamic allocation.