Delay in ChanSpy

Hello, I noticed a bit problematic behavior in ChanSpy function. This is the scenario (please see the underlined problem bellow):

  1. agent is making a conversation,
  2. I call an extension with ChanSpy and start listening (so far so good),
  3. agent completes the call (I am still on the ChanSpy extension),
  4. new call is distributed to an agent,
  5. agent answers the call (I am still on the ChanSpy extension, but I hear silence…),
  6. after 4-5 seconds I can again hear the agent (please see the log: 15:46:38 agent starts the conversation, 4(!!!) seconds later chan spy attaches his channel to mine):

Jun 19 15:46:38 VERBOSE[9907] logger.c: – Zap/65-1 answered Local/123@agents-7671,2
Jun 19 15:46:42 NOTICE[9905] app_chanspy.c: Attaching Zap/124-1 to Local/123@agents-7671,2

Why is there such a delay before I start hearing the agent again? Is this a known bug, is there any workaround to that?