Define two runusers?


I have an idea in my mind, and I don’t know if it’s possible to carry it out in Asterisk, so here is the deal:

I want to create two different users to control Asterisk: one “main” user, to perform the daily maintenance and modify files if neccesary (basically a restringed root), and a second “auxiliar” user, whose only function is to monitor the Asterisk console. I don’t really care about the privileges of the user, so if the auxliar user can modify files, that is not a problem; the issue here is that I haven’t been able to configure Asterisk to work with both users.

I have created both users, add them to the Wheel group, and modify the asterisk.conf file: runuser = root runuser = main runuser = auxiliar rungroup = wheel

I have also changed the group ownership of the configuration files to Wheel. However, I’m only able to run Asterisk as user auxiliar, but not as user main.

So my question is, is it possible to implent this kind of behaviour, or Asterisk only allows one user to run the service (in addition to root)?

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Unix/Linux processes can only have one rungroup and one runuser at a time.

This appears to be a support question.