Defaultexpiry does not take effect?!

Hi guys,

I have a problem with dynamic registration from Asterisk 11.3.0 to Siemens Openscape Voice:
I set the defaultexpiry on 600 and the registration is working, but the other site always gets the Warning “Device Expire value=120. Min allowed value=300”.

Do you have any idea how to fix this? Below an extract from sip.conf and the Openscape Log.

register => xxxx:120805:xxxx@
defaultexpiry=600 ;must not be below 300
rtautoclear=no ;needed to make expiry work

Here is the log on OpenScapeVoice-Log:

tail -f /log/HiqLogProvisioning.log

log_category => ‘SUB_PROVISIONING_ERR’,
log_appl_reason => ‘0x270bb9’,
component_id => ‘SIPUTILS’,
appl_event_id => 3001,
num_prior_occurences => 0,
managed_suppression_count => 10,
managed_suppression_time => 1,
data_length => 139,
data => ‘REGISTER mesg received with invalid expiry value from DN=xxxx device= Device Expire value=120. Min allowed value=300’,

Put the value in your general section and test if it is not. … redentials

Found the solution:

At Asterisk 1.6 and above defaultexpiry and rtautoclear must stand above register, otherwise Asterisk does not take the value.