Dedicated SIP channels to particular SIP Users

Hi all,

We have 32 channel SIP line. We want to dedicate few channels to particular users.

Please suggest.


How you use and route calls is up to you based on the dialplan. You would need to write logic to examine the calling user and based on that select a “line” accordingly.

What do you mean by a 32 SIP Channel line? Do you mean an account with a provider with a maximum of 32 concurrent SIP sessions allowed. If so, you might be able to do something wiht group counts, but there may still be race conditions where you reserve a session for an outgoing call at the same time as the provider reserves it for an incoming one.

Hi Jcolp,

Thanks for the reply.

I have configured the dialplan for the DID’s, it is working fine. I have 100 DID’s and 32 Channels. I want to configure dedicated SIP channel from 32 channels to a particular user.
Can you please tell me, how to select a line?


SIP isn’t like ISDN. There are no permanent channels that get allocated.

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