Decrease Volume to 0%

I am creating an IVR and I want to decrease volume to 0%.
Tried this same => n,Set(VOLUME(RX)=-2)

My question is

  1. what is the negative number that decrease volume to 0%?

  2. Also is there any AMI/ARI way to decrease volume to 0% to a channel?

If the function worked sensibly, the answer would be minus infinity, as the sensible scale for volume is logarithmic, because human hearing is logarithmic. The standard scale is decibels, where 10 decibels corresponds to a factor 10 change in the power, so 20 decibels corresponds to a factor 10 change in the measured value, which tends to represent displacement velocity.

It doesn’t behave sensibly, and just divides the sample value by the absolute value of the negative parameter. This still means that the strict answer is minus infinity.

However, it is actually manipulating an integer, which normally has a 15 bits of significance, so you will normally get a total loss of significance for values more than about -65,536 (assuming there isn’t a loss of significance in converting the number to its internal form, and you will get unusable audio at somewhat lower numbers.

VOLUME is not intended for muting the media stream.

I’ll pass on the methods of completely muting audio. That’s obviously done in conference contexts, without substituting music on hold.

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Thank you for answer @david551

Here’s the thing
I am doing a three way call
First agent talk with customer then agent transfer call to ivr in this situation I don’t want the agent to hear anything going on between client and ivr.

In that case, the bridge would normally be taken down, so there would be no media in either direction. With AMI, you would do a two channel redirect to take both out of the bridge. I’m not sufficiently familiar with how you would take two people out of a bridge with ARI without losing one.

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maybe you will need to step a little further and use Asterisk manager.
with MuteAudio you can mute any channel by its name

manager show command MuteAudio


This seems to be the same issue as Mute and unmute speaker volume from any one direction

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I didn’t get any reply there that’s why I created this new thread
I’ll delete the old one.

I am trying the AMI solution for this

Action: MuteAudio

Mute an audio stream.

Mute an incoming or outgoing audio stream on a channel.

ActionID for this transaction. Will be returned.
The channel you want to mute.
in - Set muting on inbound audio stream. (to the PBX)
out - Set muting on outbound audio stream. (from the PBX)
all - Set muting on inbound and outbound audio streams.
on - Turn muting on.
off - Turn muting off.

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