Debian wheezy /dev/rseries0 device not created

Hi all
I use rseries devices for a long time with Squeeze without problems and all clusters work well for a long time.
I try to migrate to wheezy and get some troubles while test a new installation.
There where problems with the device detection.
After removing brltty (apt-get remove brltty ) the device is present on /dev/ttyUSB0.
I can test with and run the cluster with /dev/ttyUSB0 configuration for rseries0 primitive.

My question is why the /dev/rseries0 is not created by rtcl ?
I tried update rseries driver from svn but get the same result the /dev/rseries0 is not created.

Any idea ?

I check syslog and there is an error about unknown key SYSFS{idVendor} so I changed SYSFS to ATTR
but device is not referenced as /dev/rseries0