Deadlock in asterisk 13.1-cert7


We have some PABX running asterisk 13.1-cert7. We observed some situations where all channels turn Down (), and asterisk can’t create new channels, example:

asterisk -rx ‘core show channels’

Channel Location State Application(Data)
SIP/123-00000 None Down ()
SIP/144-00040 None Down ()
SIP/155-00300 None Down ()

We need to restart asterisk for return to normal operation.

Somebody did see this problem? Any suggestion will be appreciate.

Alonso Genis.

We found this related ticket:


13.1-cert is going out to pasture, with one last release to fix a customer problem coming up, and cert is moving to 13.8-cert.

Fixes are only made against -cert releases as reported by Digium’s SLA customers. You’re welcome to give 13.8-cert a go, or one of the later mainline releases to see if the problem still affects you.


I updated to asterisk 13.11-rc1 and this problem was resolved.

Thank you for your attention!