Daylight savings

i changed the time on the server using the date command however when i rebooted it went back to being 1 hour behind.

What do i do o fix this. if youre able to answer can you keep it very simple.


You need to install the newest tzdata for your machine. Without knowing the distribution, I can tell you that you will need to either:

  1. Get the newest tzdata automatically (apt-get, yum, etc.)

  2. Get the tzdata source and compile it by hand.

Which distro / version are you running?


If using Debian Sarge the fix is in libc6 not tzdata. “apt-get install libc6” will fix it. Do not use the date command as it doesn’t fix the problem.

thanks for that information. I have a real off beat distro that i am afraid of touching. What about using a NTP server to get the time?

Linux uses UTC on the backend - an NTP server would sync the correct UTC, but your local date display would show incorrectly.

That is what tzdata (or libc6) will correct.

Most applications will store the time in UTC on their backends, so it is purely a display issue - when you get your tzdata (or libc) updated, then your time displays will automatically correct themselves (assuming the app stores time data in UTC).