Database put not updating database

Asterisk version: 1.8.15-cert2

I’m trying to make a few updates to agent penalties in our database. Database put dosen’t seem to be updating the database record. Here is the sequence of activities.

1.) database show – Show the current db to get the key / value of the agent I want to update
/agents/1234/queue/5001/penalty : 0 – The result
2.) database put /agents/1234/queue/5001 penalty 1 – Update the record with a new penalty value
Updated database successfully – The result
3.) database show --Show the current db to verify the change
/agents/1234/queue/5001/penalty : 0 --The result

It looks like this should be working, but it’s not. Any ideas?

This could not work, as database entries for queues are not really writable by DB-commands.
Use function QUEUE_MEMBER_PENALTY instead