Dallas area Asterisk Developers

Would there happen to be a Dallas area Asterisk Developer here on the list that would be interested in helping me reinstall and configure Asterisk?

Here are the specs of what I need to accomplish:

  1. Install Linux (Fedora or CentOS)
  2. Install Asterisk
  3. Configure Asterisk and OS to communicate with MS SQL
  4. Configure Asterisk for using the outgoing dialing functions
  5. Configure Linux for FTP
  6. Configure Linux/FTP to automatically copy mv files submitted by FTP
  7. Configure Asterisk for using the autodialing functions

In addition to the above I would love assistance with:

Teaching me to setup basic Office Phone functionality such as voicemail, call transfers, conferencing, hold etc…

I have Grandstream ATA, and Desktop phone, and VoiP provider. I have a system currently connected to VoIP and limited functionality working so I will keep my SIP.conf and extensions.conf to help speed the process.

Anyone interested either email me at michialt@gmail.com or give me a call at 877-457-2677