DAHDI with HP Proliant DL 180 [solved]

I have about 10 asterisks running OK,
and now, I bought a HP Server DL 180,
but if I put it running about 10 minutes,
it crashes, it is not a kernel panic, its a error
only when asterisk is receveing calls, I don´t
know where I can get a log for the errors to post
here, reboot is needed and it works nice,
until puts the cable in digium card, I dont know
if it´s a DAHDI conflict with the computer

I verified selinux and is disabled, I think it´s
about echo cancelation problem, if I disable it
work, change for kp1 it runs about 40 minutes
before freeze!

I take a photo from the monitor to help,

I´ve resolved problem

in /boot/grub/menu.lst
add pci=noacpi

it was a hardware conflict!
thanks all

Again, not solved…
the problem persists,
I don´t know what to do more…

anybody already uses a HP with Asterisk?
what is your NTSYSV option for acpi, selinux?

Solved the problem using back ZAPTEL