DAHDI serial RS232 setup


Need assistance or advice…
I would like to interface my old 56k dial up modem and a USB soundcard with RasPBX.
Will it be possible to use DAHDI or AGI to setup serial RS232 comms in order send AT commands to my dial up modem for PSTN call answering and number dailing.
The USB soundcard will obviously be used for audio.

Can anyone assist me with setup for RS232 and USB soundcard?

The AGI interface is not for connecting hardware and modems can usually not be used for telephony. There are special analog cards, but the simple ATA devices are usually easier to handle.

The OP is talking about voice modems, which used to be quite common. They were standard modems with the ability to directly read and control digitised raw audio.

Asterisk used to have support for one PCI based winmodem, but I doubt that has been maintained in the best part of a decade.

If it ever did support voice modems, I think it would have been through a third party channel driver not Zaptel/Dahdi.

The current poor man’s solution is to use a SIP gateway device.

ATA devices normally only have FXS ports. I require a FXO port to connect to PSTN.
The dial up modem and USB soundcard is my cheap version of a Voice gateway, but struggling to get software support on Asterisk for the hardware.
Is there support on DAHDI for RS232 for the dial up modem?

For any serious work you want SIP or ISDN. SIP gateways do exist, but they are not aimed at home users.

I don’t believe DAHDI supports voice modems other than the one PCI one, and I doubt that support for that has been maintained.

There is really not the demand.

There are ATAs with FSX, FXO and mixed ports. Sangoma used to have a little USB FXO Device, which was cute, hard to configure, and it disappeared quickly.

Thanks. I’m hoping to send AT commands to the modem by using a python script with AGI. Not sure yet how Asterisk would handle the USB soundcard…

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