DAHDI/pseudo channel with Meetme in CDR

Hi All

My dial plan has a meetme. The CDR’s are written to MySql table. Everything is going fine, until I find that the DAHDI/pseudo channel with all null values except for UniqueId is getting written whenever a user in the meetme hangs up. I tried NoCDR() and resetCdr(). Needless to say the DAHDI/pseudo channel appears in the table. How can I get rid of it?

I could try the following approaches
a) have the dial plan call AGI script to delete the row
b) change to adaptive ODBC CDR and use filter to get rid of the CDR. But don’t know how.

Ideally, I would like dial plan command to prevent the CDR from being written. Any thoughts?

This is the SQL as seen in the CLI

[INSERT INTO cdrs (uniqueid,amaflags,billsec,channel,duration) VALUES (‘1399903272.1’,3,0,‘DAHDI/pseudo-1133766546’,1)]

Is there any way to suppress this?