Dahdi hardware Modules has gone after upgrade the kernel

Hi All,
I want to ask, is it possible if we try to upgrade our kernel, can impacting the hardware module of Dahdi gone? my server using Rhel5, we get the kernel package from Redhat Network. How i install the hardware module of Dahdi is using the source package from digium and then i compile it when want to install.

Actually the problem is solved already by recompile again the source, but i want to know why after i upgrade the kernel the module has gone.?

Kernel modules are tied to a specific kernel version. If you update the kernel, you must re-build any third party modules.

tak89, You also may be interested in using DKMS to automatically recompile DAHDI when you update your kernel.

See viewtopic.php?f=13&t=89057&start=0 for more information.

Thx david55 and sruffel,
My next question is, if we tried to patch the kernel and then recompile it but it failled to recompile. how we recover back?

I’m not sure I understand the question. Did you really patch the kernel sources? That isn’t a normal part of the process. Typically you just want to recompile DAHDI for the version of the kernel that you’re currently running.