Dahdi group- "featdmf" signalling- ANI first

Hello there,

I’ve recently installed asterisk in order to support an MF/Feature Group D trunk. One of the requirements, and a fairly common one from my understanding, is the ability to spill the ANI first, followed by the dialed number, when sending calls outbound over an MF trunk.

The trunk works perfectly fine, and I have it set up to do exactly what I want, the only limitation I’m facing is that it is currently spilling the dialed number first, followed by the ANI. Is anyone aware of the setting to change the order in which it spills these two fields?



Bumping this, hoping someone has had some experience with this “featdmf” signalling type.

Turns out that the switch on the far end was the issue. Asterisk was sending the ANI first the whole time, my apologies for cluttering up the forums.